aluminium sliding glass doors - Automatic door
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aluminium sliding glass doors - Automatic door

aluminium sliding glass doors

Product Specification:

Latest design commercial aluminum automatic sliding door china


 Mei Shun's automatic aluminum alloy door is a new type of metal automatic door, which consists of three parts of aluminum alloy profile, glass door structure and automatic door control system. The automatic aluminum alloy door has the advantages of novel appearance, exquisite structure, small operation noise, flexible start, reliable and energy saving. The automatic aluminum alloy door is suitable for the opening and closing of building facilities such as advanced hotels, restaurants, buildings, hospitals, terminal buildings, stations, shopping malls, shops, office buildings, advanced purification plants, computer rooms, etc.


Product feature


1. Universality: it is suitable for office buildings, storefronts, banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, laboratories, hospitals and other occasions, so as to ensure the smooth and unimpeded walking and delivery of goods.

2. Reliability: with the use of remote control, can reach the limit of personnel import and export, you can exclude the security of your unlocked door.

3. Safety: when the door is closed for the fan, if encounter obstacles or abnormal conditions such as human body, the door leaf can be immediately returned to prevent the occurrence of clamping reversal, events or mechanical damage phenomenon, to ensure staff safety.

4. Intelligence: every time you start the machine, there will be self checking program. The microcomputer controller will record the location of the last obstacle. When the door leaf is closed, it can be detected in advance and slow to detect safety when approaching obstacles, so as to ensure safety.

5.Energy saving: high quality design and production ensures smooth flow and excellent sound insulation, heat insulation and dustproof effect ensure the building to reduce energy consumption.

6. Aesthetics: According to your request, the door shape, appearance, function design adjustment, in order to achieve better results.

7. Convenience:According to your needs, you can choose a variety of working conditions, such as constant opening, automatic, one-way traffic and lock door.key parameter adjustment way, so you can according to the specific circumstances of the door body, conveniently set up and adjust the opening speed, closing speed, hold open time, keep the door body running smoothly.

8.Quiet:Using a special lubrication measures, special reducer; specially designed spreader roller structure, greatly reducing the operating noise.

Product Display


1.Main material

Meishuns automatic door frame with high quality 3MM thickened aluminum profiles, full transparent thick double glazing, smooth and clear.


2, Control system

We use premium manufacturers controller motor , excellent program to provide more secure control.


3.Main parts

 Customers can customize the corresponding automatic door accessories according to the functional requirements, all of our accessories come from the top suppliers in the industry and provide the corresponding warranty service.


 4.The automatic sliding door provides two options for one side or two side open mode to fully meet the customer's needs.


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Company Information


Ji'nan Meishun Door Co., Ltd. is a set of product development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service customer service as one of professional manufacturers. The company set up a sales design team in 2000 with a registered capital of 5 million covers an area of five thousand square meters, the general manager Chen Shaohua Lu Wei's staff of 20 professional we specialize in this field for 16 years, the main production of the courtyard door, KFC door (Aluminum Alloy glass doors), villa door, stainless steel door, automatic door, revolving door, retractable door. Superb production technology, with good quality and competitive prices to win recognition and appreciation won the majority of customers.


Product features: high-grade appearance, good sealing, durable, corrosion rust, green environmental protection is widely applicable to the Senior Commercial Plaza, restaurants, entertainment venues, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, shops, chain stores, sports venues, enterprises, high-end residential villas, the appearance color of any we can according to the customer the requirements to design different styles of collocation.

Production capacity: average annual output value of 5 million average monthly output value 400 thousand average daily output value of 15 thousand yuan per day average of 10 sets of shipments



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