Quality is top priority

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  • March 30, 2017

Windows and doors enterprises bigger and stronger, the quality is important

In recent years, the aluminum glass door industry has been rapid development, but with the overall decline in the market economy, aluminum doors and windows business development is facing severe challenges. With the market consumption of the weak and increasingly fierce competition, how to provide users with high quality doors and windows products become the key to bigger and stronger enterprises. At the same time, good product quality has become the most important long-term development of enterprises.

aluminium entrance doors

Quality has become the magic weapon for market competition

First of all, require enterprises in the selection of materials and workers on the technical requirements, in accordance with the standard specifications of production, a good product is to attract dealers to join the guarantee, but also to deal with modern aluminium doors competition magic weapon.

aluminum windows and doors

Meishun material in strict accordance with the standard

First: pay attention to the thickness of the material section and the specifications are not consistent with the model, not reach the specifications of the material determined not to use.

Second: aluminum alloy raw materials for the length of 6 meters, a small factory to produce raw materials easily distorted, made out of the aluminum doors and windows are not flat, there will be quality problems, so meishun will use the level to check whether the raw material straight Meet the requirements of the general do not.

Third: check the surface of raw materials is smooth, there is no rugged or the surface is not clean, there is no stains, check there is no cracks or burrs, there is no obvious scratches, if the above phenomenon, do not use.

Fourth: the same material above the color inconsistency of the case, can not be used, will affect the overall effect of aluminum alloy door.

Meishun production workshop all the assembly line operations, each production line are arranged professional quality inspection personnel into the quality inspection, we have quality assurance,