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Luxury  exterior main wrought iron exterior doors

Product parameter

MEISHUNs wrought iron door is a perfect combination product of art and function, it adopts the international standard of steel, after cutting machine, manual forging, thermal spraying, anti rust treatment and other production, due to its physical properties stable and excellent appearance, it is widely used in the garden, villa, garden, park the hotel.



1.History of wrought iron door

Wrought iron door as an architectural decoration art, appeared in the early 17th century Baroque architectural style prevailing period, has been accompanied by the development of European architectural decoration art, the traditional European craftsman handicraft products, with simple, elegant, rough artistic style and brilliant history, breathtaking, spread to this day.

Wrought iron door century Baroque architectural style prevailing period, has been accompanied by the development of European architectural decoration art, the traditional European craftsman handicraft products, with simple, elegant, rough artistic style and brilliant history, breathtaking, spread to this day.

Make wrought iron door to choose the size of the door side Kuang square tube, generally with 40*60*2 forging pressure flower square tube, the middle of the general use of 16*16 forging pressure flower square steel, bending flowers generally with 14*6 embossing flat iron or thicker point flat iron, while some flowers can use 6-8 large round steel.

2.What is wrought iron door

Wrought iron door For Home Entrance Door villa, house 
Products character
  • 1.European art design, strong structure, the size of tubing and flower parts can be collocated as customer's requirement.
  • 2.Have the excellent climate resistance.
  • 3.Erosion resistance and temperature change resistance.
  • 4.Tough paint coating, powerful adhesive ability.
  • 5.The ornamental wrought iron component is totally produced by ourselves, so we have unusual speedily application property and selectivity. There are various steel arts flower parts to choose. They can be collocated optionally to ensure variousness of our products and the constructions is flexible and convenient.
The characteristics of the product itself not only have the appearance of simplicity, elegance, fashion, fashion sense, artistic, but also meet the essence of the very
Strong, durable, cost-effective, outdoor can achieve 30 years of rust prevention, paint safety and environmental protection, no fading, no shedding
Such characteristics, so by the majority of villa decoration owners favor and love.

3.So,what is custom wrought iron door

Wrought iron door Customization is to customize the size you want and the style you want according to your favorite style
Rainbow Wrought Iron door is in xiamen City,China  Rainbow Wrought Iron factory has more than 20 years experiences in making wrought iron products. We insist that the quality is the most important and we are responsible for every wrought iron products we produce. We make sure that all our customers can buy the satisfied wrought iron products from us. All our wrought iron products are made by experienced craftsman so our wrought iron products are exquisite. We can customize wrought iron products based on your designs or ideas.
OEM is available
We are specialized in producing all kinds of wrought iron products.Our leading products including: Wrought iron gates, fence, railings, staircase,Furnitures, iron bed, chairs and tables, forged iron bars, components, rosettes,spearheads. Cast steel leaves & flowers. Iron crafts decorations, and so on.
Welcome you to visit our factory at any time.

4.What is use of wrought iron door in our life?

  • 1. wrought iron door is a whole after welding molding, then rough grinding, the whole hot-dip galvanized anti-rust treatment, Then fine grinding, high temperature electrostatic putty filling treatment, two primer and double topcoat protection treatment can be guaranteed Iron fence iron railings, iron fence smooth appearance, and then can make a variety of color and shape treatment;
  • 2. wrought iron door  products are custom-made products, the style is changeable, can be based on their own Decoration style choice classical, or modern, such as personality simplicity and so on.
  • 3. wrought iron door  products affordable, economical and durable, maintenance costs are relatively low, And longer service life wrought iron door the practical life of the product can be Up to 30 years without rust, basically has been similar to the building is the service life.
  • 4. wrought iron door is followed by high safety performance, iron fence strong and strong, for safety protection plays a great role.
  • 5. with the progress of technology and technological development, the current iron fence has a strong corrosion resistance, so long service life.

5.What should I do before create custom wrought iron door

(1)How many set do you need?what is custom size Customized wrought iron door need measurement size total wide and total height Then choose the style you like  Single Door Double Door  Top or side glass You can match any style
(2)Choose wrought iron door color ,glass,handle and lock, swing model Custom wrought iron doors can be in any color You can choose all colors to make your door Then the glass of the door Clear glass, frosted glass, mirror glass,

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Ji'nan Meishun Door Co., Ltd. is a set of product development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service customer service as one of professional manufacturers. The company set up a sales design team in 2000 with a registered capital of 5 million covers an area of five thousand square meters, the general manager Chen Shaohua Lu Wei's staff of 20 professional we specialize in this field for 16 years, the main production of the courtyard door, KFC door (Aluminum Alloy glass doors), villa door, stainless steel door, automatic door, revolving door, retractable door. Superb production technology, with good quality and competitive prices to win recognition and appreciation won the majority of customers.


Product features: high-grade appearance, good sealing, durable, corrosion rust, green environmental protection is widely applicable to the Senior Commercial Plaza, restaurants, entertainment venues, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, shops, chain stores, sports venues, enterprises, high-end residential villas, the appearance color of any we can according to the customer the requirements to design different styles of collocation.

Production capacity: average annual output value of 5 million average monthly output value 400 thousand average daily output value of 15 thousand yuan per day average of 10 sets of shipments